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CB Construction Services, Inc. prides itself in meeting the construction needs of our customers with a commitment to quality, whether it is in our Government Contracting or our Commercial Construction, which includes new construction as well as additions and renovations.  We form a cohesive team for each project. Team members from each facet of our organization are assigned to manage the project internally.  During this process, our key field employees are part of the initial job up-start process, so when we hit the job site, our onsite team has the knowledge of the project they need to be productive from day one.   
Working Together We offer a beginning-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality craftsmanship every time.   
Why Choose Us?Each member of our company is a seasoned construction professional that puts the focus on our customers and their needs. We value our customers' input and realize customer service is not just a slogan but our commitment you. Our goal is to want every customer that we work with to request to work with us on their next project.
Our Corporate Goal:  to provide sustainable building design methods and construction for our customers, along with the reliability for future generations. 
Our Mission Statement:  “Sustainable building for future generations.”

 Our function as a general contractor is one of bidding an entire job and completing it with our own team, which is typical for smaller projects. On some larger jobs, we subcontract various specialties to other trades (such as site work, electrical, heating, and plumbing). Either way, CB Construction Services Inc., is responsible to the owner for successful completion of the work in a timely manner and on budget.   

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